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How to start doing yoga?
You just show up. #starttoday
See you on the mat.

Let’s practice yoga.
Let’s be happy.
Let’s try new things.
Let’s love.
Let’s embrace change.
Let’s be good to one another.

Do something just for you.⁣
#ChooseYou ⁣
#SelfCare ⁣
You are not your circumstances⠀
You are your possibilities⠀
You can be right.
You can be wrong. 
You can struggle. 
You can change. 
You can worry.
You can feel. 
Being human means feeling all the feels. 
Accepting what life is. 
Close your eyes, drop into your body and FEEL IT.

Stay present. 
Powerful words. 
I am strong.
I am happy. 
I am confident. 
I am talented.
I am worthy. 
I am...... (fill in the blank)

Invite positivity into your life. 
Manifest your dreams. 
You have to accept it first, before you change it⠀
#change ⠀
#accept ⠀
Dive deep⠀⁣
Our teacher training program is a life changer. The Mala Method training gives you the roots to continue your growth as both a student and a teacher. Full time immersion starts July 1. MONDAY!⠀
Not all storms come to disrupt your life, ⠀
Some come to clear a path. ⠀
#yogamalaregina ⠀
⠀ ⠀
#inhale ⠀
CHANGE.... it’s inevitable. ⁣
It can be disruptive. ⁣
Uncomfortable. ⁣
Challenging. ⁣
But change is positive. ⁣
Change is growth. ⁣
It can be messy.... but oh so beautiful. Great things can happen when you are pushed out of your comfort zone
In the summertime ⠀
when the weather is hot⠀
You can stretch right up ⠀
and touch the sky⠀
This Saturday!⠀
Summer Solstice⠀
The Celebration⠀
Gastown, Vancouver ⠀
June 22⠀
Lyrics Mungo Jerry⠀

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