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Bad experinces, we all have them, however, if you learned from it, it’s tuition. You paid for an education. 
Choose love 
Life requires balance.
Yoga requires balance.
If you only practice yang styles of yoga it may be time to discover the other half..... Yin. 
Yin teacher training starts March 27. 
Next weekend, we have some OMazing offerings, check 'em out:⁠⁣
Friday, Feb 14⁠❤️⁣
6:00 - 7:15pm⁠⁣
This Valentine's day join us for a heart melting restorative class incorporating essential oils. This is a lo
Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well. ~ Judith Lasater

Restorative yoga teacher training starts February 14. Still a few spots available. Link in bio.

Mala is a Sanskrit term that means garland.

Yoga Mala is a garland of yoga, in which each vinyasa is like a sacred bead to be counted and focuses on, and each asana is like a fragrant flower strung on the thread of breath. Just as a japamala adorns the n
Happiness is an inside job 😊 
New students to Yoga Mala do we have a deal for you! $50 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga. 🙌
Come try us out! 📷 @kplatimer

Enjoy this time.⁠
📷 @kplatimer
Vinyasa means many things:
Movement with breath 
To place in a special way
A philosophy 
A transition

Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training starts Jan 24. Link in bio. 📷 @kplatimer

Why should you start yoga? ⠀
It makes you feel good⠀
It’s that simple. ⠀
You will always feel better after class. ⠀
Whether you are new or a long time practitioner we have a class for you. ⠀
Don’t believe us! Try it.⠀
New stude
The New Year welcomes a time to reflect on the year past. To let go of the old and invite the new. A time to let go of habitual patterns that no longer serve you. A time to take care of yourself. ⁠
Jan 24-31, 2020⁠
Yoga teachers and practitioners who want to dive deep into their practice, learn fresh and creative new sequencing techniques for classes or personal practice, learn safe ways to adjus

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