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200HR yoga teacher training starts Sept 20! Registration is now open. Use promo code EMMAYOGA and save $400!! #YogaMalaRegina
Since 2005, we have called the heart downtown Regina home. 🥰 Our space has deep roots in tradition, filling 3 floors of a heritage building. We have amazing community. We are proud to call this place hOMe. 
I have the grace I need for today.⁣
I am full of power, strength and determination. ⁣
Nothing I face will be too much. ⁣
I will overcome very obstacle. ⁣
I will come through every difficultly better off then I was before.⁣
What are your plans for the long weekend?
The Mala Method Immersion provides a path for transformation. Becoming more intimate with yourself, deepening relationships with others, a life changing experience. ⁣
Today, these beautiful souls graduated. We are so proud of each of you ❤️ Miss
Strength X Strength X Strength = POWER⁠⠀
If an experience is challenging:⁠⠀
it can help you grow⁠⠀
learn something about yourself⁠⠀
its an opportunity for change⁠⠀
It can make you stronger if you allow it. ⁠⠀
Ask others about themselves.

How to start doing yoga?
You just show up. #starttoday
See you on the mat.

Let’s practice yoga.
Let’s be happy.
Let’s try new things.
Let’s love.
Let’s embrace change.
Let’s be good to one another.

Do something just for you.⁣
#ChooseYou ⁣
#SelfCare ⁣
You are not your circumstances⠀
You are your possibilities⠀
You can be right.
You can be wrong. 
You can struggle. 
You can change. 
You can worry.
You can feel. 
Being human means feeling all the feels. 
Accepting what life is. 
Close your eyes, drop into your body and FEEL IT.

Stay present. 

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