Rental Space

Looking for a space to rent out? We've got you covered! Our Regina location is currently open for potential rental inquiries. 

Yoga Mala's core values and what we embody is creating a space for community, learning, and positivity. This is also what the space can be used best for. 

Here are some details about our studio space: 

  • approx. 1900 sq ft.
  • 2 change rooms and 1 washroom
  • Main Space is wide OPEN and perfect for day trainings.
  • Tall ceilings.
  • Nice big open windows.
  • filtered water station
  • Yoga props, mats, and folding chairs provided on request
  • Elevator is tricky, so majority of items need to be hauled up the stairs.


Who we can serve with this space:

  • Single or multi day rentals, or hourly rentals within normal business hours
  • This space is perfect for trainings, workshops, info sessions, classes. 
  • health & wellness professionals welcome, yoga, martial arts, dance, perfect for bare feet. 
  • Only #300 studio availability, if coordinated with studio public schedule classes.
  • Regina, SK only. Vancouver is fully booked. 

 The big question, how much?

Price depends on the specified needs of the renter.  The number of hours, the particular times & days of week, a single session or re-curring sessions.  If you are interested in renting out the space and would like a price quote, please submit the information below into our contact sheet on the right starting with "Rental Space" and we will make sure to get back to you ASAP!

  1. What is the purpose of the space (workshop, type of class/training etc)?
  2. How many hours including set up and take down will you require?
  3. Are you looking for a rental space for only one date or multiple dates?
  4. Dates  & times you are looking for? 
  5. what size is your group (as close as possible)
  6. Number of days? (weekly, monthly etc)
  7. Do you require folding chairs, yoga mats , bolsters, blocks, blankets, sandbags or anything else?
Rental Space
Rental Space
Rental Space
Rental Space
Rental Space
Rental Space