Enjoy this time.⁠
📷 @kplatimer
Vinyasa means many things:
Movement with breath 
To place in a special way
A philosophy 
A transition

Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training starts Jan 24. Link in bio. 📷 @kplatimer

Why should you start yoga? ⠀
It makes you feel good⠀
It’s that simple. ⠀
You will always feel better after class. ⠀
Whether you are new or a long time practitioner we have a class for you. ⠀
Don’t believe us! Try it.⠀
New stude
The New Year welcomes a time to reflect on the year past. To let go of the old and invite the new. A time to let go of habitual patterns that no longer serve you. A time to take care of yourself. ⁠
Jan 24-31, 2020⁠
Yoga teachers and practitioners who want to dive deep into their practice, learn fresh and creative new sequencing techniques for classes or personal practice, learn safe ways to adjus
Good decision ⁠
Happy Holidays 💫 & Merry Christmas 🎄 
Loving. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #YogaMalaRegina
Join us at our Vancouver studio Jan 11, 2020 for an immersive experience dedicated to the practice of transformation in a beautiful loft in the heart of Gastown. ⁠⠀
Out with the old in with new. ⁠⠀
Let go of h
Last day of our Get Your AUM on #yogachallenge (and halfway through strength month!) We love seeing and sharing all your posts on social media 🥰. ⁣
Tomorrow is also the last day of the Stocking Stuffer sale. Get a gift for everyone on your li
4 classes only $50!⁣
Gifts only ⁣
Link in bio 👆⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
#givethegiftofyoga ⁣⁣
Knowing your power is what creates humility.
Not knowing your power is what creates insecurity. - ego

Big change starts small. ⁣
#yogamalaregina ⁣
New classes for December!⁣
Monday’s - 12:05pm - Soul Flow⁣
Thursday’s - 6:00pm - Aroma Flow⁣
Friday’s - 4:45pm - Soul Flow ⁣
#aromayoga #goodvibes⁣
The countdown begins!
Black Friday sale is on now. ⁣
For $100 get $120 gift card! ⁣
Purchase this for someone else or yourself! No limit on purchase. But as many as you want. ⁣
Whatever you are not changing
You are choosing.

Read that again. 
Choose wisely YM fam 💭 
Be Kind To One Another.⁣⁣
#worldkindnessday ⁣
This Sunday - Myofasical release with @emmakorkola. 12:30-2:30pm ⁣
Upcoming offerings: ⁣
Dec 1 classes:⁣
930am Ashtanga⁣
11am Soul
👏This weekend! 👏⁣
@yogamalavancouver is hosting pre registered classes Sunday November 3rd!⁣
10am Soul flow⁣
11:30am Ashtanga⁣
1pm Yin Yoga⁣
Only a few spots left!  Online registration closes Friday morning. ⁣
Can’t mak
Self care for your body. ⁣
Join @emmakorkola this Sunday, Oct 27, 12:30-1:30pm. ⁣
Relieve muscle tension. Revitalize yourself and feel better. ⁣
#myofascialrelease ⁣
Breath in. 
Breath out. 
We are thankful for you, our OMazing community! 🥰 ⁣
Have a joy filled weekend. ⁣
We have a holiday schedule this weekend. ⁣
See you on the mat.⁣
🧘🏼‍♀️Yoga Challenge🧘🏽‍♂️
Get your AUM on! 
October 15 - December 15

It’s simple. You have from Oct 15 - Dec 15 to  either attend 30 classes at Yoga Mala YQR/YVR and/or post 30 pics of your practice or favourite pose on your IG f
Your words have power. #UseThemWisely 


Prenatal Yoga session starts this Saturday!

Ashtanga Yoga TT
Oct 11-14 & Nov 8-11

YM Vancouver 
Nov 2 - 10am Full Primary & 11:30am Yin
Nov 3 - 10am Soul Flow & 11:30am Yin
A S H T A N G A  Y O G A
Oct 11-14 & Nov 8-11, 2019

Deepen your personal practice 
Learn & practice asana
Study Functional movement 
Register today!

#ashtanga “Practice and all is coming”
Good things take time.


Open house this weekend! 10am - 2pm. 
There will be David’s Tea, snacks, Free classes for new students, and sales!! One day SALE
New Student - $40 for 2 weeks unlimited yoga! Save
A mystical land where 99% of human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored..... Oh wait today! Today is the day! What are you waiting for go do it!

200HR Teacher Training starts Sept 20. 
Happy September!🍁⠀
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starts Sept 20. ⠀
Yogis! You’re invited! ⠀
OPEN HOUSE: Saturday September 21, 10am-2pm. We will be celebrating our 14th anniversary! ⠀
Are you new to Yoga Mala?⠀
Join us fo
Take some time for yourself today. 
Slow down
Take deep breaths
Take time to acknowledge how you are feeling

Spending time with family. ⁣
Deep belly, cheek hurting laughter. ⁣
A good yoga class....⁣
Make time to experience life. ⁣
We have so many amazing things happening this fall!⁣
🍁 200 Hour Yoga Teacher
200HR yoga teacher training starts Sept 20! Registration is now open. Use promo code EMMAYOGA and save $400!! #YogaMalaRegina
Since 2005, we have called the heart downtown Regina home. 🥰 Our space has deep roots in tradition, filling 3 floors of a heritage building. We have amazing community. We are proud to call this place hOMe. 
I have the grace I need for today.⁣
I am full of power, strength and determination. ⁣
Nothing I face will be too much. ⁣
I will overcome very obstacle. ⁣
I will come through every difficultly better off then I was before.⁣
What are your plans for the long weekend?
The Mala Method Immersion provides a path for transformation. Becoming more intimate with yourself, deepening relationships with others, a life changing experience. ⁣
Today, these beautiful souls graduated. We are so proud of each of you ❤️ Miss
Strength X Strength X Strength = POWER⁠⠀
If an experience is challenging:⁠⠀
it can help you grow⁠⠀
learn something about yourself⁠⠀
its an opportunity for change⁠⠀
It can make you stronger if you allow it. ⁠⠀
Ask others about themselves.

How to start doing yoga?
You just show up. #starttoday
See you on the mat.

Let’s practice yoga.
Let’s be happy.
Let’s try new things.
Let’s love.
Let’s embrace change.
Let’s be good to one another.

Do something just for you.⁣
#ChooseYou ⁣
#SelfCare ⁣
You are not your circumstances⠀
You are your possibilities⠀
You can be right.
You can be wrong. 
You can struggle. 
You can change. 
You can worry.
You can feel. 
Being human means feeling all the feels. 
Accepting what life is. 
Close your eyes, drop into your body and FEEL IT.

Stay present. 
Powerful words. 
I am strong.
I am happy. 
I am confident. 
I am talented.
I am worthy. 
I am...... (fill in the blank)

Invite positivity into your life. 
Manifest your dreams. 
You have to accept it first, before you change it⠀
#change ⠀
#accept ⠀
Dive deep⠀⁣
Our teacher training program is a life changer. The Mala Method training gives you the roots to continue your growth as both a student and a teacher. Full time immersion starts July 1. MONDAY!⠀
Not all storms come to disrupt your life, ⠀
Some come to clear a path. ⠀
#yogamalaregina ⠀
⠀ ⠀
#inhale ⠀
CHANGE.... it’s inevitable. ⁣
It can be disruptive. ⁣
Uncomfortable. ⁣
Challenging. ⁣
But change is positive. ⁣
Change is growth. ⁣
It can be messy.... but oh so beautiful. Great things can happen when you are pushed out of your comfort zone
In the summertime ⠀
when the weather is hot⠀
You can stretch right up ⠀
and touch the sky⠀
This Saturday!⠀
Summer Solstice⠀
The Celebration⠀
Gastown, Vancouver ⠀
June 22⠀
Lyrics Mungo Jerry⠀
Good advice 👌⠀
#DoYoga #BeStrong ⠀
#yqr #yqryoga
Love who you love.🌈 #pride⠀
#qcpride #LoveIsLove #yqr #yogamalaregina
We come together.⁣⁣
#community ⁣⁣
June 21, 6-7am⁣⁣
We partnered with @reginadowntownbid to bring you rooftop yoga , on the 8th floor of Cornwall Centre Parkade. Help
See you this weekend.⁣
#practice ⁣
#yoga ⁣
#flow ⁣
#community ⁣
Summer Solstice in Vancouver!⁣
This class will help you shake off old patterns and limiting beliefs. Move into the summer season with clarity. Expand your heart and empower you life with transformative experience. ⁣
June 22⁣
Sign up online. Link
Happiness blooms from within 🌼⁣
#yogamalaregina ⁣
#yoga ⁣
#bloom ⁣
Happy May Long Weekend !!
Join us at the studio for some amazing yoga all weekend long!
Saturday .
930am YIN
11am Flow 
With @kaitlin.rivard 🤸🏾‍♂️
Sunday .
930am Flow
11am YIN 
With @emmakorkola .

930am Flow
11am YIN
Yaaasss!❣️ #happiness #inspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogaregina #yogamalaregina #yogamalavancouver #doyoga #reginask