RYT 500hr teacher

TEACHING STYLE: Playfully pushing your limits


ON ROTATION: 16 pairs of glasses and a rainbow of leggings


INSPIRED BY: The pursuit of new experiences


FAVORITE POSE: Good ol' hanumanasana


MORNING RITUAL: Hit snooze repeatedly, snuggle the doggo, begrudgingly roll out of bed


FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE: Accidentally brought to a full primary by a friend - instant love affair!


SIGN: Taurus


CARNIVORE, HERBIVORE OR OMNIVORE: Omnivore with highly carnivorous tendencies


A RECURRING THOUGHT: I really, really need a day between Saturday and Sunday


NY NEIGHBORHOOD: Harbour Landing


A NONNEGOTIABLE: Background music - my life needs a soundtrack all the time!


FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP: Not a coffee drinker so...David's Tea?