RYT 500hr teacher

Teacher Style: hmmm depends who you ask! Let’s go with playfully challenging with a focus on mindful movement, allowing space for breath and silence…unless it’s Soul Flow then of course allowing space to vibe to the music 😃


On Rotation: The wheels on all my bikes!


Inspired by: Nature, Music & Life Experiences


Favorite Move: random yoga/stretching while sitting weirdly in chairs


Morning Ritual: Four cat kitchen party


First Class Experience: “Hmm, I think I’ll come back tomorrow or possibly tonight”


Sign: Astrological charts say Libra, friends and family say Jackass.  Following in the footsteps of my dad 😊


Diet: How about very fussy, depends where it came from and if I my mom made it


Recurring Thought: Is our reality just a computer program? Are living In the Matrix?  Followed by “If that’s the case why can’t I manifest midichlorians?  These are not the Yogi’s you are looking for…”


My Hood: The ocean, the mountains, the park, the trails, my yoga mat and my backyard…..also my couch for weekend nap time 😉


A Nonnegotiable: Sleep


Fav Coffee Shop: my deck with a bullet proof coffee followed closely by Naked Bean and 33 1/3