RYT 500hr teacher

I started my yoga journey in 2006 when I walked into Yoga Mala looking solely for a way to relieve stress and make my body feel better.  Falling in love with the linear grounding consistency of Ashtanga while also flirting with the spontaneous and exciting Vinyasa flow.  Like most things, I dove right in and fully embraced the community and started to learn the culture.  I explored many of the teachers and the trainings that Emma brought to the studio and began teaching at Yoga Mala in 2008. I continued to seek out knowledge and experience by travelling to see teachers and experiencing different types of yoga immersions while continuing to learn and practice with Emma, eventually  receiving my 500 hour certification in 2020.


My world outside of yoga mimics my world inside of yoga.  I am driven to explore life and all it’s aspects, challenge myself, seek new knowledge, experience personal growth and  continue to evolve.  Oh and I also like to scuba dive, snowboard, travel,  ride bikes, hike mountains, eat delicious food, drink delicious craft beers, garden, play with my cats and spent time with people I care about.