What's different in my life now is I look differently at how I view self-imposed or society-inferred limits. Yoga has shown me that just because I am the age I am, there is no bearing on what I can and cannot do in yoga, or in my life in general, if approached practically. I am now 54 and at 64 and 74 I fully expect to be able to do what I do now, if not more. Also, what is different is that I have no more back pain, I am more flexible and have more muscular endurance than I had when I was younger.


What I love about yoga is the peace and balance it brings to me, and affirming the importance of living in the moment. One cannot effectively do yoga and create a shopping list concurrently! Living in the moment centers the mind and fully engages me, allowing me to go farther than I ever imagined.


I want to take this opportunity to thank the Yoga Mala team for their expertise, professionalism, endless patience and knowing when to encourage me to move ahead in my practices. You are all awesome!