Teaching style: All about feel, presence and enjoying the body in movement.


On rotation: Horse’n around! Visits with my special peeps.


What are you inspired by: Creativity and ambition, my kiddos.


Favourite pose: Ha. Ha. I would be expected to say handstand, but I like laying on the floor in a twist.


Morning ritual: Wrangling kids. Coffee. Sunshine. Hangin with my best dog.


First yoga experience: That was intense! I love it.


Sign: Mostly Taurus with a wee bit of weirdo.


Diet: Mostly described as eating what’s good for my own bodies needs.


Recurring thought: Let it go.


My neighbourhood: Corner gas. Aka. Rouleau, Sk / Gatineau hills of Quebec.


A nonnegotiable: Alone time.


Favourite coffee shop: Probably Starbucks