RYT 500 Teacher, Manager

What is your teaching style: Passionate. Inviting. From the heart.


What do u have on rotation? Khalid, Billie Elash, DJ Taz, DJ Drez, Lady Gaga, G Easy


What are u inspired by? Kindness. The human experience. Courage.


Favourite pose: Lying over a bolster 


Morning ritual: Coffee and snuggles with my pups... and the cat if he’s in the mood


First yoga experience: I had all the feels... and I loved it.


Sign: SO Much Virgo


Food: Mostly veggie... and whatever my mom makes me 


A recurring thought: Breathe


My neighbourhood: Riverheights... and PA


A nonnegotiable: Family


Favourite coffee shop: Green spot.... and Star bucks (they are in our building way too convenient!)