TEACHING STYLE: Emphasis on developing body awareness, moving with compassion and moving with an understanding the endless connections of musculoskeletal system. 


ON ROTATION: Audiobooks & CBC Radio 2. 


INSPIRED BY: Kindness. Always and in all ways. 


FAVOURITE POSE: Pigeon… no frog… no pigeon…. 


MORNING RITUAL: First… coffee. My little guy is almost always up before the sun and we have a bit of quality time…my favourite part of the day! 


FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE: Power vinyasa at age 15 with my mama 


SIGN: Sun is in Cancer, Moon is in Pisces. 




DIET: I adore plants and cheese. 


A RECURRING THOUGHT: When can I get back to the ocean? 




NY NEIGHBORHOOD: Lakeview- nice and close to Kiwanis Waterfall Park! And in the summer- Lake Clear, Ontario. 




A NONNEGOTIABLE: snuggling with my son… every single day!! (for as long as he will let me) 




FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP: Recharge Café (best vegan food in Regina)